Grace Duo Serum

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Product Description: Grace Duo exfoliates the skin around the knuckles. It is consist of a lotion and a serum. The exfoliating lotion cleanses and removes smoothly and dramatically pigmented spots and rebels (Achilles tendon, elbow joint of fingers and toes). The lightening serum, with its formula based on exfoliating fruit acids, hydrates and brightens the skin. This serum eliminates stains on the joints of the fingers and toes, elbows, knees and legs.

More About Product: If you've struggled with dark knuckles either by genetics or by exposure to harsh chemicals, then you should give grace duo serum a try. Results speaks for itself

Instructions: Apply on knuckles or affected area 2-3 times daily depending on the severity of your hyper-pigmentation.
Use in conjunction with a chemical peel for best results. Be sure to steer clear of harsh chemicals, or use a protective glove if you must make contact with them. Finally, use sunscreen to protect your hands from harmful sun rays; they darken the knuckles.

How to use Grace Duo Serum

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